Adult Use Emergency Rules

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Exclusive Interview With MRA Executive Director Andrew Brisbo

The emergency rules for adult-use establishments in Michigan were recently released by the Marihuana Regulatory Agency (MRA). CLG Attorneys Barton Morris and Nick Galendez join MRA Executive Director Andrew Brisbo for a special interview with discussing the new rules and the exciting opportunities for Michigan’s cannabis industry.

Adult-Use Marihuana Establishment Emergency Rules Released

While there is an incredible amount of new information regarding the new adult use rules, below is a summary of the changes to the 3 main categories. Read the full Adult-Use Marihuana Establishment Emergency Rules Here

Adult-Use Application Info

  • Fewer Barriers to Entry – capitalization requirement eliminated; different eligibility criteria compared to MMFLA; tiered licensure/renewal fee structure based on output of company
  • Social Equity (Applicants)  – all applicants required to submit a social equity plan to promote and encourage participation in the industry
  • Social Equity (MRA) – list of services/resources to be created by MRA (education/outreach to qualifying communities, waiving/reducing fees, increased assistance with application process, and coordinating resources to allow participation)

New Authorized Activities for Licensed Marihuana Establishments

  • Equivalent Licenses – allows licensed MMFLA facilities and adult-use establishments to operate at the same location; contemplates transfer of product from medical to adult-use system to ensure supply
  • Trade Sample – grower/processor licensees allowed to provide product sample to other licensees for purpose of determining whether to purchase
  • Internal Product Testing – licensees allowed to provide its employees with products to ensure quality and determine whether to sell to customers at retail
  • Research and Development – growers/processors may designate a certain portion of product toward R&D

New License Types for Adult-Use

  • Designated Consumption Establishment License – allows on-site consumption in a commercial location for adults 21+
  • Excess Marihuana Grower – allows certain licensed growers to increase allowable plant counts at facility to ensure adequate supply
  • Marijuana Event Organizer – allows individual or company to become licensed to hold temporary marihuana events
  • Temporary Marihuana Event License – allows licensed Marihuana Event Organizer to hold temporary event with on-site sale/consumption of products by approved licensed retailers and microbusinesses
Listen to the Podcast for Adult-Use Emergency Rules Information

Adult-Use Emergency Rules Topics

Licenses for Marijuana Event Organizers and Temporary Events

Marijuana Establishment Plans for Adult-Use Licenses

Municipalities Opting In and Out of the Adult-Use Program

Reasonable Access to Marijuana

Regulatory Trends and Forecasts: Enforcement and Penalties

Samples: Internal, B2B, and Research & Development

Social Equity Plans

Social Use/Designated Consumption Establishment Licenses

Potential Shortages