Cannabis Legal Group Referral Network Partner 2016
When you retain The Cannabis Legal Group you join an elite group of cannabis business owners paving the way toward a mature and productive cannabis industry.

We project the cannabis market in Michigan to far exceed the markets in Colorado and Oregon, and we will be the law firm of choice for the state’s best and brightest cultivators, extractors, manufacturers, transporters, and dispensers of cannabis.

As a client of the Cannabis Legal Group (“CLG”) you automatically become a member of our Client Referral Network.  This means that you have immediate access to networking and referral opportunities among the firm’s other cannabis business clients who elect to be “in the Network.”   You also have access to the growing network of other business professionals (accountants, architects, electricians, credit card processors and more) with the expertise to support cannabis business owners.


Benefit of Being “In the Network”

Clients who are in the Network have the opportunity to meet other like-minded business owners operating in the highly regulated cannabis industry.  By connecting with other cannabis business owners you will be able to gain knowledge from other experts in the industry, create business opportunities, and raise the profile of your business among other industry experts.

Cannabis Legal Group clients who are in the Network also have the opportunity to be listed on our website as a Referral Partner.  Our website exceeds 7,500 unique and qualified visitors per month, and we expect that number to increase sharply in the future.

By being a CLG Referral Partner you demonstrate to potential customers that you operate a reliable and compliant business.

The CLG provides approved Referral Partners with an electronic Cannabis Legal Group Referral Partner badge for you to display on your web page and to utilize in the marketing of your business.


Referral Network Events

The power of the Network comes alive during periodic meetings amongst all of our clients.  We provide clients who elect to be in the Network with regular opportunities to meet and socialize with other industry professionals and service providers.  These meetings are held at CLG’s Royal Oak offices and at local restaurants.