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Caregiver Compliance & Risk Management Program Booklet

An extensive guide, written by our experienced cannabis lawyers specifically for Michigan Medical Marijuana Act caregivers. This incredibly resourceful manual of 80 pages includes all of the forms, procedures, and explanations necessary to implement a caregiver compliance and risk management program.

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We Know and Appreciate Cannabis Regulatory Compliance

Michigan’s medical marijuana has been known to be very confusing for patients and caregivers to the point that the fear of criminal prosecution and conviction is a legitimate concern. To think that an innocently operating caregiver can easily become a felon by making small mistakes or not being 100% compliant at all times is unfair and discouraging.

At the same time, the MMMA does provide the legal framework for a robust caregiving business that can form the basis of an operation that will deserve of a Michigan Commercial Cultivation License. When they become available, this license will be invaluable and the time for a caregiver to start preparing for a successful commercial cultivation application is now.

We created this Compliance Program to help Caregivers become compliant with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (MMMA), to stay in compliance with the MMMA, and to prepare you for the future of a fully regulated cannabis industry in Michigan.

The content of this Compliance Program is drawn from the plain language of the MMMA, numerous court cases in Michigan interpreting the MMMA, and the years of combined experience among the attorneys at the Cannabis Legal Group. As the law evolves, so will this Compliance Program. As courts examine the MMMA additional insights will develop and be incorporated herein. You will receive timely updates to this Compliance Program.

It’s imperative to make sure you are protecting yourself and your patients. With this manual, you will have the ability to implement and understand the outlined strategies and regulations to help protect against compliance shortfalls and ensure proper operations.