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Many people are frustrated with the current state of Michigan’s Medicinal Marijuana Program. A few questions that we hear frequently at the Cannabis Legal Group are when is Michigan going to issue dispensary and commercial grow licenses? Many people are waiting with eager anticipation to acquire one of these prospective licenses.


Pending Michigan Dispensary Legislation

Currently, there is a bill going through the legislature entitled House Bill 4209. Under this measure, marijuana dispensaries would be granted licenses through the state. Additionally, licenses for commercial grows with up to 1500 plants are included. There is also a section in the Bill outlining the rules for licensing of a processor. The Bill was passed by the House in October of 2015 and is currently in the Senate Judiciary Committee. If it were to pass, it would lay the foundation to acquire the licenses to operate a medical marijuana business legally within the State of Michigan.


MILegalize is the Better Way for Michigan Marijuana Businesses

Additionally, there is another way that the framework for these licenses could be set up. Currently, there is a committee called MILegalize. MILegalize is an organization attempting to put the legalization of recreational marijuana for adults on the ballot for November, 2016. The initiative also makes oils, tinctures, and topicals legal for adult use as well as removes criminal penalties for the cultivation, possession, or distribution of marijuana except to a minor. Adults would be able to possess and cultivate up to 12 plants. It also includes a 10% tax which the proceeds would go to the State for schools, transportation, and local government. Medicinal marijuana would be exempted from this tax. If it were to make the ballot, the polls show Michigan residents would pass the initiative and it would become law effective March 1, 2017. The number of signatures needed is 252,523. MILegalize currently has over 300,000 signatures in support of the ballot initiative.

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Potential MILegalize Roadblock?

However, due to controversial Senate Bill 776 that may be signed by Governor Snyder, this may not be enough. The Bill introduces a requirement where the signatures must be collected within six months of the initiative being submitted. This could limit the amount of signatures MILegalize has collected that are over the six month window. If the initiative does make it on the ballot and voters do pass it, then the regulation for licensing medical and recreational marijuana growers, processors, and dispensaries would have to be set up very quickly.


How Can You Help?

If you are a supporter of marijuana legalization it is paramount to become involved immediately as time is of the essence. A small donation of $20.00 dollars could be the difference of this initiative making the ballot or not. More information in regards to MILegalize and how you can get involved can be found on their site MILegalize.com.

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