Let us help you develop and protect your brand. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, companies are developing innovative products and services. New companies are emerging and existing brands are expanding to new markets. We can help you protect your ideas by developing a sophisticated brand strategy and developing intellectual property protection. We can help you explore and evaluate various IP projects including trademarks, copyrights, domain names, logo and website design, and more. From development and research to registration, enforcement, and defense, we can assist you in all steps of the process.

Several traditional intellectual property protections rely on federal law. As cannabis is still considered a Schedule I controlled substance, there are several additional factors to consider when pursuing a cannabis IP project. Most general practice intellectual property attorneys are not familiar with the challenges imposed and the options available to the cannabis industry. Despite several limitations, cannabis businesses still have several options to obtain and protect their brands. Let our experienced attorneys help you structure your brand strategy to anticipate and develop protection options.