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Before a cannabis business can open its doors, the company must meet rigorous licensing standards. The marijuana business licensing applications can be challenging, time-consuming, and work intensive. Cannabis Legal Group works closely with clients to build a successful application package that is tailored to your background, your business goals, and the community you want to work in.

As one of Michigan’s most successful boutique cannabis business law firms, Cannabis Legal Group specializes in navigating Michigan’s marijuana business licensing structure. While many other firms may assist with cannabis licensing work as part of a general practice, CLG specializes in the cannabusiness industry.

Our firm has helped clients around the country obtain state and local licenses for all areas of the cannabis industry – including retail stores, cultivation facilities, testing laboratories, secure transporters, and processing facilities.

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Our Licensing Services

Licensing in Michigan can take months, and competition for licenses can sometimes be fierce.  Our team of attorneys have unparalleled experience in drafting application packages to give your company the best possible chance for success.

Our team will work with you to create a business plan that will help secure top-level investment, guide you through the application processes step-by-step, draft narratives to highlight your business procedures and background, and provide critical support throughout a hearing or inspection to ensure you exceed the state or municipalities’ expectations.

Obtaining a license is a multifaceted project that can require a variety of services, including:

  • Assistance with all types of state and local licensing applications, including
    • new business licenses
    • license renewals
    • changes of ownership
    • changes of location
    • modification of premises
    • special land use licenses
  • Comprehensive reviews of financial documents to ensure compliance with state and local financial disclosure requirements.
  • Drafting a business plan and creating pro forma projections of anticipated profits.
  • Representation at municipal licensing hearings.
  • Representation at administrative appeals.
  • Renewal tracking for all licenses.
  • Representation at state and local pre-licensure inspections.
  • Regulatory reviews of application materials and disclosures.
  • Drafting industry-specific employee manuals, standard operating procedures, employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and other employment documents.
  • Drafting line of credit agreements, promissory notes, and various financing agreements to support the requisite capitalization amounts required by the state application.
  • Drafting leases, land contracts, mortgages, and purchase agreements for real estate that is suitably zoned for cannabis business activities.

State and local applications often require a wide variety of detailed narratives to show your company’s operating procedures and plan of action once licensed. The narratives required can vary with each municipality, but they may include:

  • Facility plans to review the location, layout, and structural design of your building.
  • Security plan to highlight the security procedures and equipment you will utilize throughout the interior and exterior of your business.
  • Staffing plan to describe the number of employees, compensation plan and structure of the business.
  • Inventory and Record-keeping plans, which state the software programs you will utilize to maintain compliance with state inventory regulations.
  • Lighting and Odor Mitigation plans to highlight how your company will reduce nearby nuisances.
  • Crime Prevention plans regarding the company’s strategies to deter criminal activity.
  • Signage and Marketing plans to review how your company plans to advertise to the general public.
  • Community Involvement narratives regarding how your company will foster community outreach and support.

Unlike many firms with basic pre-written narratives, our attorneys and skilled technical writers draft each narrative to make them unique to your specific business model. By customizing every narrative and statement provided to the agencies or licensing officials, we can help set your application apart from the rest of the industry by showcasing your company’s strengths and commitment to compliance.

Why Our Experience Matters to Your Application

From the initial consultation to final submission of your licensing application, our team of experienced attorneys will provide the guidance and practical knowledge required for a successful outcome. Our legal advice and guidance is further refined by our deep understanding of the intricate, nuanced and often-conflicting requirements of federal and state law enforcement officials and regulatory agencies.

Whether you are looking for a single license for a small business, or are considering acquiring dozens of licenses for a major corporation, CLG is uniquely positioned to give your application a competitive edge. Our attorneys have not only advocated for legalization, but are often appointed to assist in drafting legislation and administrative rules surrounding the licensing process. Our focused expertise in this industry makes us an effective advocate in the drafting process and allows us to obtain an invaluable “behind-the-scenes” look at how applications will be reviewed.

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