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Medical Marijuana Caregiving is now one of the fastest growing and most promising activities presently in the Michigan cannabis industry. It is absolutely the best preparation for becoming licensed by the state of Michigan in a commercial capacity.

Indoor Caregiving grows are the most sophisticated and productive in the history of cannabis cultivation. Despite limits on the number of allowable plants, a single caregiver can nonetheless create a robust cultivation operation. Additionally, multiple caregivers housed within a single industrial facility provide substantial opportunities for commercial cultivation.

The Cannabis Legal Group was recently named the “Face of Cannabis Law” by DBusiness Magazine. We understand that the long-term success of our caregiver clients rests upon their compliance with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (“MMMA) and their adherence to our Caregiving Compliance and Risk Management Program.

CLG Clients will have the Top Criminal Defense Lawyer on Their Team

First, our program clients will have the services of  the top criminal defense attorney in marijuana related cases who is available 24/7 to provide emergency services, which comes up more often than people think. Barton Morris has been voted a Super Lawyer since 2014 for criminal defense and recently identified as the Face of Cannabis Law by DBusiness Magazine. He is a board member of the Michigan Bar Association’s Marijuana Law Section, Michigan Association of OWI Attorneys and a faculty member of the DUI Defense Lawyer’s Association and the National College for DUI Defense. He is also the chair of the science committee of the Michigan Bar Marijuana Law Section. Barton Morris is the only Michigan attorney who has been designated as a Forensic Lawyer-Scientist by the American Chemical Society. Also a graduate of the prestigious Trial Lawyer’s College, Barton Morris is widely regarded as the best criminal defense lawyer in Michigan.

Commercial cultivation operations must be very careful to operate within both Michigan and municipal law. If there are any issues with the business that are not within state law the operation is subject to law enforcement raids, plant and asset seizure and closure. Even worse, the owners and operators can be subject to criminal prosecution.

Personal grow operations must adhere to the MMMA or be subject to civil and criminal penalties. In our experience, most grow operations do not operate strictly within the parameters of the MMMA. Despite the legality of some municipal restrictions, many personal grow operations are violating city ordinances as well which could lead to unwanted attention and interference.

CLG Caregiver Program Clients Will be Counseled on Regulatory Compliance

The most important thing a Michigan caregiver must do NOW is to adopt a system of regulatory compliance. Caregivers hoping to have a commercial license in the future must demonstrate a history and character of regulatory compliance. We provide our Caregiver clients with a detailed operations manual covering the most regulated areas including, tracking, security, waste, nutrients, MMMA compliance, chemical testing, employees, accounting and sales.

Every detail and circumstance of our client’s grow site is inspected and certified to be MMMA compliant. This compliance is advised and encouraged throughout our entire relationship with Caregiver clients.

The Cannabis Legal Group expert business attorneys can ably handle every aspect of a new caregiving operation, including suitable corporate entities, trademarking, product distribution, lease negotiation, and real property markets. We are very experienced in zoning, land use, spacing requirements, zoning board of appeals and variances.

CLG Lawyers are Experts in Obtaining Licensing with Experience in Established Markets

We have expertise in obtaining marijuana operational business license in several mature markets including Illinois, New York, Colorado and Oregon. Additionally, we have experience with a growing number of municipalities throughout the state. We understand what they want and how they operate with respect to cannabis businesses. We also know how to deal with cities that are not sophisticated or who are “waiting” to see what happens.

The trend in a growing number of municipalities is to control what they perceive as an industry that is getting out of their control, like Detroit, Lansing, Warren and Gaylord, who have enacted medical marijuana business laws to ensure community safety. Rather than suppressing business opportunity these new laws are great opportunities to establish very successful and robust commercial caregiving cultivation operations.

Municipal licensing is important, and a matter with which our lawyers handle expertly. A grow operation that is licensed, inspected and approved by the city in which it resides is one of the best ways to demonstrate a regulatory complaint operation and legitimize the business. It is also a pre-requisite to obtaining a commercial cultivation license in Michigan. Municipal approval is not always necessary but the municipal “seal of approval” is a mark of a compliant, safe and respectable operation especially after establishing a long history of running a successful business.

The time to start preparing and operating the right way is NOW. The Cannabis Legal Group will provide our Caregiving Program clients the expertise to succeed in a very competitive and fastest growing sector in the Michigan cannabis marketplace.

Our CLG Referral Network is Invaluable

One of the most coveted services we provide to Caregiving Program clients is the opportunity to be included within our private cannabis referral network. Each of our clients who wish to opt into our network will have the ability to collaborate with fellow talented, qualified and accredited industry members. Network membership will also include a listing on an internet page on the internal referral network of Cannabis Legal Group clients, a CLG Network Referral Partnership Badge to advertise on the client website, and attendance at four CLG sponsored network events per year. Being included in this network is invaluable to our Caregiving Program clients in the creation of referrals and relationships among Michigan’s cannabis industry leaders.

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