The State of Michigan will begin to license qualified applicants to operate Medical Marijuana Dispensaries other wise known as Provisioning Centers. Applications will be accepted beginning December of 2017 and the first licenses becoming available in early 2018. In order to qualify for a license the applicant must first obtain a license to operate in the city in which the dispensary will be located. Many cities are still considering whether and how many marijuana retail locations they will allow.

The dispensaries that are currently in operation will have to obtain a license or close their doors. Only state licensed dispensaries will be allowed to stay open.

The state will consider many things when qualifying an applicant. Prior business success or failure will be considered. Also an applicant’s prior criminal record including offenses charged but not ending in a conviction. Applicants will have to have a good business plan and adequate financing. They must also demonstrate good moral character.

Those who are successful in opening a Medical Marijuana Dispensary will be given a great opportunity to obtain a recreational marijuana retail license in 2019 when recreational marijuana becomes legal thanks to the efforts of MILegalize.

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