Marijuana testing laboratories must be ISO 17025 accredited and have very detailed policies and procedures in place to be operated within state law. They must also comply with city licensing regulations as well. Location and ownership of safety compliance facilities will also be strictly regulated as any person with any ownership interest cannot also have any ownnership interest in a provisioning center.

Barton Morris is the only attorney in Michigan to be designated as an Attorney-Scientist by the American Chemical Society which is the largest professional association of scientists in the country. Barton Morris is also a member and has the scientific education and training to assist with the accreditation process. ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation ensures that marijuana testing be consistent across the country therefore providing marijuana consumers with confidence and reliability in the test results provided to the dispensaries.

Barton Morris is also knows the commonly used marijuana testing methods including hands on experience with solid phase extraction techniques, sample preparation, and instrumentation including high performance liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, gas chromatography and FTIR.