The Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act mandates the acquisition of a municipal license to operate a commercial facility before applying for the state license. In order to open a commercial medical marijuana cultivation center, processing center, dispensary or any combination of the three you must complete both a winning municipal application and state application. This does not mean just filling out a form. These applications, especially the state one, are in depth. You will need documents prepared for several areas including operations, financial, moral integrity and business acumen. Our law firm can help provide the following necessary documents:
  • Waste Management Disposal Plan
  • Integrated Pest Management Plan
  • Business Plan Creation
  • Partner/Investor Vetting Program Documents
  • Historical Business Documentation and Research
  • Criminal Background Investigations
  • Compliance Inspections
Many of the municipal applications will be competitive, which means only the best applications will be awarded one of the limited number of available licenses. Only the best written and most qualified applications will succeed. There will only be one chance for success. The Cannabis Legal Group has the experience in writing winning applications and has a unique partnership with the Denver,Colorado based Hobin Law Firm, who will provide all specialized expertise necessary to ensure the strongest applications. The Hobin Law Firm has completed winning applications all over the country. Their expertise will only be available in Michigan for the clients of the Cannabis Legal Group.