If you want a medical marijuana facilities license in a particular municipality you need to have a municipal license. However, what if your city doesn’t have that license? You have to convince them to enact an ordinance that will issue them. Our lawyers are experts at doing just that. We have collectively provided dozens of municipal presentations to numerous city council and planning commission meetings. Meetings have always been incredibly effective, sometimes lasting 15 minutes and others of upwards of two hours.
We are the foremost respected cannabis experts in Michigan and because of this we can be very influential. Municipalities want to known a few major things:
  • What impact will regulated commercial cannabis facilities have on their city?
  • What are the statistics on crime from other cities or states that can be learned and relied upon?
  • What effect does regulated cannabis facilities have on the black market of marijuana?
  • What type of financial consideration can the city expert?
  • How can city services be improved?
  • What will be the impact upon the real property values?
  • What type of oversight will the State have on these facilities?
We deliver credible and reliable answers to these questions with fully supported facts and statistics. Even the harshest marijuana critics will have difficulty not to agree that a medical marijuana facility licensed and located within their municipality is a solid and viable idea.
The bonus is that when our lawyers provide this valuable information, we become the experts to whom they consult and we develop very valuable relationships for the benefit of our clients. We will also create a draft ordinance tailored specifically for that municipality to make it easy for them. We can also set up a public town hall meeting so that the municipal officials have a better understanding and idea of what their residents think.