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November 14, 2017 – The Cannabis Legal Group is excited to announce that Vicente Sederberg will be exclusively collaborating with the Cannabis Legal Group and working of counsel to provide our clients the top cannabis business services in Michigan.

Vicente Sederberg, based in Denver, Colorado, is the most successful and experienced marijuana business and licensing law firm in the country. Vicente Sederberg has successfully achieved marijuana licenses in 18 states and is led by visionary Brian Vicente, partner, founding member and co-director of Amendment 64, the first regulated adult use recreational marijuana industries in the country.

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Governor Signs Second Executive Marijuana Order

GOVERNOR WHITTMER ABOLISHES THE MARIJUANA LICENSING BOARD In her second major executive action in her brief term regarding marijuana regulation in Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed Executive Order 2019-7 which abolished the Medical Marijuana Licensing [...]

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Caregiver Compliance and Risk Management Program Book

An extensive guide, written by our experienced cannabis lawyers specifically for Michigan Medical Marijuana Act caregivers. This incredibly resourceful manual of 80 pages includes all of the forms, procedures, and explanations necessary to implement a caregiver compliance and risk management program.

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Barton Morris

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Travis Copenhaver

 Senior Associate Attorney

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Nick Galendez

Nickolas Galendez

 Associate Attorney

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Jennifer Domingue

Jennifer Domingue

 Associate Attorney

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  • Labor and Employment Law
  • Civil & Commercial Litigation
  • Marijuana Law Section Member

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State by state, laws regarding the legalization of marijuana are changing at an incredibly rapid pace. Every day there is news about another state creating new medical marijuana laws are legalizing marijuana possession and use. The federal legislature is hip to the marijuana movement and despite what many think, they are not ignoring it. They understand that marijuana industry and business is not going away and therefore it must be dealt with on a national stage to make the industry safe. There is a growing sentiment that this movement will result in nationwide legalization and regulation of marijuana just as alcohol is today. But just like alcohol, there will always be regulation. There will always be marijuana law that must be understood by all who choose to deal with marijuana in every way including business and consumers.

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act is historic legislation created by voter initiative, which codified the overwhelming support for, and recognition of medical marijuana as a legitimate and beneficial use for marijuana. Many see this legislation as a savior for those who have legitimate medical illnesses that marijuana can assist. Others believe it is only a pre-cursor for the legalization movement. This law office believes that it is both. It has been medically proven that Marijuana definitely provides legitimate medical benefits to those afflicted with many different illnesses. We also believe that the MMMA is the first step towards the legalization of marijuana in Michigan.

The Marijuana Business Laws in Michigan are about to undergo a significant change. Those operating marijuana businesses must immediately take action and prepare for the new state law and regulation that they must abide. The Cannabis Legal Group has the expertise and plan for ensuring obtaining and maintaining state licensure compliance.

We are proud to have defended so many patients and caregivers from marijuana related prosecutions since 2008. From simple possession to growing plants, manufacturing and distribution our lawyers have successfully defended clients throughout the state of Michigan. This website is designed to be a resource for all issues related to Marijuana Law in Michigan and the Country. We hope you find it helpful and informative. If you have any questions or need legal advice about Michigan Marijuana Law, or if you think we can improve this site in anyway please let us know at

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