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Compliance is key to your company’s short and long-term success in Michigan’s cannabis industry.

In Michigan, there are comprehensive rules and regulations at both the state and local levels that must be strictly followed in order to obtain—and maintain—your company’s cannabis business license.

As Michigan’s licensing and regulatory regime evolves and matures over time, the rules that apply to state-licensed medical marijuana facilities and adult-use establishments will also change—including the way the rules are interpreted and enforced by the regulators.

For those reasons, it is extremely important that your company’s facility and its business operations meet and exceed the current regulations from the beginning so that your company has the best chance of acquiring a license.

After licensure, it is even more crucial that your company stays up-to-date on proposed rule changes, anticipates how they may affect and impact your business, and adapts your company’s practices accordingly in order to maintain a clean track record of regulatory compliance and protect your company from fines, sanctions, and the possibility of losing your license.

Cannabis Legal Group offers a wide range of specialized services related to regulatory compliance in Michigan, which are customized and tailored to your company’s specific needs and its business operations to best ensure your success and longevity as a company in Michigan’s emerging cannabis industry.

Consultation on Regulatory Compliance in Michigan

  • Navigating through the sea of ever-changing legal requirements and administrative rules is critical to creating and sustaining a healthy regulatory compliance program for your company.
  • We are a team of experienced attorneys who have been practicing cannabis law in Michigan since before the state adopted the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (MMFLA) in 2016.
  • Through our experience advising and assisting cannabis business clients in Michigan over the years, Cannabis Legal Group has developed an intimate knowledge of the history and evolution of the marijuana laws and policy in the State of Michigan.
  • We have also observed first-hand—and participated in—the development of the law, administrative rules, as well as advocacy and policymaking for licensed cannabis businesses.
  • Our attorneys and support staff have also formed and fostered stellar working relationships with both state and local regulators, which is vital to understanding the licensing process and how the regulations are interpreted and enforced.
  • We are able to leverage our overall knowledge, specialized expertise, and existing relationships to provide clients with invaluable advice and consultation necessary to maintain full compliance with all applicable state and local laws, rules, regulations, and other requirements in Michigan.

Customized Licensing Applications, Facility Plans, and Narratives


  • In addition to our stellar track record representing cannabis businesses and intimate knowledge of cannabis law and policy in Michigan, Cannabis Legal Group is uniquely positioned to best assist your company by providing industry-leading license applications, including facility plans, narratives, and other required documents that are customized specifically with your facility and business operations in mind.
  • Our exclusive partnership with Vicente Sederberg LLP—a national and award-winning cannabis law firm based out of Denver, Colorado—enables us to provide additional value to our clients by providing them with the opportunity to collaborate with a team of experts who have experience not only in Michigan, but also in states that have more mature cannabis business markets.
  • This partnership, along with the specialized knowledge our attorneys and support staff possess, allows Cannabis Legal Group to provide your company with invaluable knowledge throughout the entire process—from licensing to regulatory compliance to renewal—as well as implementing best practices from other states to adopt as part of your facility and business operations.

Compliance Audits, Training, and Mock Facility Inspections

  • Once your licensed cannabis company is operational, you must establish procedures to ensure that your business is fully compliant with every single legal requirement and administrative rule. As the laws and regulations change, your facility and business operations must also change and adapt.
  • Cannabis Legal Group offers a wide variety of regulatory compliance services tailored specifically to your company and its facility to ensure that you start off on the right track with compliance and maintain a stellar track record of compliance at both the state and local levels, including:
    • Audits of your business operations and compliance procedures;
    • Individual and group compliance training on how to implement and maintain a compliant facility; and
    • Mock facility inspections
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