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Denied a Municipal Cannabis License? Here’s What to Do

Alongside the state of Michigan licensing application, there’s also the municipal cannabis application. But your municipal cannabis license has been denied. Is this a problem? This application is critical, as it’s the last licensing application needed to start your cannabis business.  However, what do you do if you’re denied a license in the municipality [...]

How to Open a Cannabis Delivery Service in Michigan

Many of our clients ask us, "how can I open a cannabis delivery service/get a cannabis delivery license?" Luckily, it's not as in-depth as the initial cannabis licensing process. However, it still requires strict compliance (and attorney guidance) to apply for and manage properly. Below, we outline everything you and your business need to [...]

Cannabis Event License: Everything You Need to Know

There’s a huge demand for specialty cannabis event licenses in Michigan, such as the temporary marijuana event license and marijuana event organizer license. We receive many inquiries from potential clients, as well as current clients, about applying for a cannabis event license. However, most don’t know that in order to legally host a cannabis event [...]

Michigan Commercial Grow License: Everything You Need to Know

Commercial grow licenses/recreational cannabis growing licenses are one of the most sought after licenses in Michigan. Obviously, without product grown, there would be no cannabis industry.  Below, we outline everything you need to know about adult-use grow licenses, from license types to finding a facility.  Watch the full episode on YouTube. Listen to full [...]

The 3 Most Common Types of Cannabis Real Estate Agreements

As you determine the type of license and the location of the property, there are different cannabis real estate agreements (transactions) to choose from to acquire possession of the property. Typically, possession (not necessarily ownership), of the property is required to apply for a license with the municipality where it's located.  Types of Cannabis [...]

New Proposed Regulations and Rules for Michigan’s Cannabis Industry

In August, the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) in Michigan proposed new marijuana regulations and rules for both adult-use and medical marijuana businesses. As many people in the cannabis industry know, there's already a comprehensive rule-set in place. However, the new proposed rules include many changes; some large, some small, and some extremely significant. There's [...]

The Ultimate Cannabis Business Tax Guide: Choosing the Best Corporate Structure

Choosing a corporate structure for your cannabis business holds significant tax implications. Before delving into the tax considerations, it's important to understand that choosing an entity for tax purposes is different than selecting an entity for legal state organization purposes. To be clear, you must choose a legal entity for state organization purposes and [...]

Cannabis Friendly Real Estate: Starting Your Search

Once you decide to enter the cannabis industry, the search for cannabis friendly real estate should begin immediately. Whether you want to directly serve the consumer, or sell to other commercial marijuana facilities, you must find a suitable property to get full licensure. The size and scope of the property depends on your resources, [...]

Delta-8 in Michigan? New THC Now Regulated by MRA

Delta-8 in Michigan has been in the news recently, as Gov. Whitmer signed House Bills 4517, 4745, and 4740-46 to regulate the THC derivative starting October 11, 2021. According to the Governor's announcement, delta-8 is currently being sold in convenience stores, gas stores, and tobacco/smoke shops throughout the state. What is Delta-8? Many people [...]

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