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Cannabusiness Consultations
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Cannabis Business Consultations

Ready to Jump In?

Principal Founding Attorney Barton Morris helped create Michigan’s marijuana industry. He’s the state’s unquestioned expert on creating booming, compliant marijuana businesses. The $500 to secure 60 minutes of his time is the best money you can spend, whether you wish to take your business to the next level or you’re just breaking into the industry. Here’s another plus; when you hire Cannabis Legal Group, that fee goes towards your retainer.

Have questions you’d like answered before speaking with Principal Founding Attorney Barton Morris? Free 15-minute consultations with our Director of Client Relations are available.

Take Your Business Or Idea To The Next Level

Our cannabis consulting can single-handedly serve as the launching platform for your cannabis business. During your consultation, we’ll cover many areas of the cannabis landscape, including:

  • What is the process to get licensed?

  • How do I find the right property?

  • How long does it take?

  • How do I get my municipality to adopt an ordinance, or to select my business for a license?

  • What can the Cannabis Legal Group do to get my company licensed quickly?

  • Can you look at my contract or business plan for an expert opinion?

  • What are all of the costs involved?

  • What has your firm’s extensive experience told you about the process and your likelihood for success?

  • How to go from a caregiver to a commercial grower? (+ all other caregiver questions)

  • Which is the best business structure for my business?

  • What is the best license type for me?

This firm is definitely five star and I highly recommend them. We definitely feel better navigating the legal waters now. Don’t guess on where you’re going in this business, get a firm that can help you make the right choices so you can run a top notch operation.
Matt R.

Partnering With The Best

The Cannabis Legal Group attorneys are experts in the cannabis industry and are available to answer your questions.

Then there’s the massive amount of content we’ve produced and are continuing to produce to help you. Whether it’s answering your questions, keeping you updated with the latest information, or sharing best practices, our award-winning legal team has you covered with articles, podcasts, and videos.

Then, of course, we offer 60-minute consultation with our founder and Principal Attorney, Barton Morris, and free 15-minute consultations with our Director of Client Relations to answer your additional questions and offer guidance.

Individualized Attention

As much as we try to provide free information to everyone through our website pages, blogs and videos, and 15-minute free consultations, people and companies always need more individualized attention with answers to questions that fit their objectives.

Simply because we don’t have time to get to everyone, we charge a 60-minute cannabis consulting fee of $500. In return, your questions above (and any others) will be answered in a comprehensive consultation with one of our experienced cannabis attorneys. During the consultation, we’ll also advise you on how we can help accomplish your goals.

If you decide to hire us, this fee will be credited towards your retainer, making it then free of charge to clients

Need A Marijuana Attorney? Our Award-Winning Team Can Help You.
The Cannabis Legal Group has been providing our clients professional and quality legal assistance in all aspects of representation for years.

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