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Michigan Caregiver Laws: Caregiver Compliance and Risk Management Program
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Michigan Caregiver Laws: Caregiver Compliance and Risk Management Program

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Caregiver Compliance and Risk Management Program

Included in the program is an extensive guide, written by our CLG lawyers specifically for Michigan Medical Marijuana Act caregivers.

This incredibly resourceful manual includes all of the forms, procedures, and explanations necessary to implement the program.

With this manual, our lawyers and staff will assist each program participant employ every one of our strategies, procures and regulations.

We Know Michigan Caregiver Laws

Michigan’s caregiver laws can be very confusing for patients and caregivers, to the point that the fear of criminal prosecution and conviction is a legitimate concern.To think that an innocently operating caregiver can easily become a felon by making small mistakes or not being 100% compliant at all times is unfair and discouraging.

At the same time, the MMMA provides the legal framework for a robust caregiving business that form the basis of an operation that will earn a Michigan Commercial Cultivation License. When they become available, this license will be invaluable. The time for a caregiver to start preparing for a successful commercial cultivation application is now.


Importance of the Program for Michigan Caregiver Laws

First, all program participants will have access to our entire legal team at all times and for any purpose which by itself is invaluable.

Next, each participant will enjoy a comprehensive risk assessment of any current grow for an understanding of any problems of non-compliance and identification of potential problems.

To caregivers that have a grow in their home, our lawyers will explain the importance of moving that grow out of your home and into a controlled and safe environment that a basement or other room in your home can’t typically provide.

We will help you find a safe and legal location for your cultivation facility, which will facilitate the number of caregivers that the program client seeks to operate.

Our team will utilize our existing relationships with municipal and city officials to receive the necessary licensing, permits and approvals according to Michigan caregiver laws.

We know the importance of establishing a legitimate business entity for liability and tax purposes. Our program participants will enjoy services that set up corporate bookkeeping.

The caregiver will enjoy a personal consultation on how to properly set up their accounting on programs such as QuickBooks to ensure proper cannabis specific end-of-year tax accounting and preparation.

About the Cannabis Legal Group


The Cannabis Legal Group is a team of award-winning and industry experienced cannabis lawyers located here in Michigan.

We help a multitude of caregivers, because we understand their specific problems and goals. Our group includes the state’s top marijuana attorneys:

  • Principal Attorney Barton Morris
  • Andre Perrotta
  • Christopher Ammori
  • Patricia Myers

The cannabis industry is considered to be the most regulated industry in Michigan. Thankfully, the lawyers of Cannabis Legal Group know exactly what is necessary to prepare and produce a successful application.

We provide caregivers with the peace of mind necessary to confidently run a fully legal and compliant operation according to Michigan caregiver laws.

Our Attorneys

Frequently Asked Questions About Michigan Caregiver Laws

How many plants am I allowed per patient?

Under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, a caregiver is allowed to cultivate up to 12 plants per patient. The patient limit is 5 patients. Therefore, if a caregiver is a patient as well, a caregiver may cultivate up to 72 plants if they have filled their patient quota.

How much ready to consume marijuana can a caregiver possesses?

A caregiver can possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana per patient. If they produce more than their legal limit, they must dispose of the marijuana immediately.

Can a caregiver keep their marijuana plants in the same enclosed locked facility if they have multiple patients? Or must each patients’ plants be in their own locked facility?

A caregiver may cultivate all of their allotted plants in the same enclosed locked facility. There is no need to separate the plants of different patients.

Can a caregiver’s patients help them trim or take care of their plants?

No. A patient is not allowed to help a caregiver cultivate their plants.

Only the caregiver. IF a person other than the caregiver enters the grow, it is a felony. Therefore, it is paramount that the caregiver be the only individual who has access to the grow. A friend, patient, or relative cannot enter the grow for any reason to take care of the plants.

Do clones count towards a caregivers plant limit?

Yes! Clones are counted towards the caregivers plant limit. This is extremely important to remember as many caregivers have found themselves being charged and convicted of felonies for not knowing this useful piece of information.

How do I become a caregiver?

To become a caregiver, a Michigan medical marijuana patient must register you as their caregiver through the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program. It is a simple form that is sent into the state. A card will be issued to the caregiver and then they may begin cultivating medicine for their new patient.

Can I sell my marijuana to a dispensary?

No. Currently, until the new rules and licensing is put into place, dispensaries are illegal under state law. Therefore, when a sale is made to a dispensary by a caregiver that caregiver is committing a felony.

Should I pay taxes on income received from cultivating marijuana?

Yes. It is paramount to pay taxes on all income received. Marijuana is treated differently in the tax code under Section 280E. It is important to consult a CPA to insure you are paying your taxes correctly.

I have heard the State of Michigan is changing the laws regarding to growing, processing, and dispensing of medical marijuana.

Will the caregiver still exist after these new rules take effect?

Yes. The new laws are going to be granting licenses for commercial grows, processing facilities, and dispensaries. However, a person will still be able to be a caregiver under the new law. Therefore, even with these new rules, the caregiver model will still survive.

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