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Federal Marijuana Reform Needs to Happen, But Will It?

Despite no federal marijuana reform, Michigan finally legalized adult-use marijuana in November of 2018. We did this for many reasons, but the best reason is that decriminalization was necessary. However, the legalization of marijuana in Michigan makes it easy to forget it's still a crime elsewhere. The number of people charged, convicted and jailed for [...]

Detroit Marijuana Applications on Hold Indefinitely: Why?

The City of Detroit failed to provide Detroiters the opportunity to participate in the recreational marijuana industry. Due to a recent federal court ruling, the City Council is heading back to the drawing board.  How the Detroit Marijuana Ordinance Tried to Help War on Drugs Victims The cannabis industry desperately needs opportunities available for [...]

Employee Screening and Compliance Requirements for Cannabis Businesses

  All licensees must conduct background checks for their cannabis employees. According to the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA)'s Administrative Rules, all licensees must onboard, screen, and train their employees. Non-compliance with this requirement results in significant penalties, including the potential loss of your license. As such, it's critically important for all licensees, especially those [...]

Marijuana Infused Beverages Rules and Requirements

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) advisory bulletin, "Marihuana-Infused Products and Edible Marihuana Product-Process to Obtain Agency Approval for Production of Marijuana-Infused Beverages," provides guidance on the process to obtain approval for the production of marijuana infused beverages. It also outlines rules and requirements for ongoing research and product development related to marijuana infused beverages. [...]

Guidance for Michigan Marijuana Facilities

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) offers guidance to address common issues faced by marijuana facilities regarding certain operational issues, including labeling requirements, testing and retesting status, and strain specificity.  These requirements are some of the most crucial requirements for cannabis facilities to adhere to in order to ensure that their operations run smoothly and [...]

U.S. House Passes MORE Act: What This Means For The Cannabis Industry

On Dec. 4th, 2020, the U.S. House passed the Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act. The bill introduces several criminal and social justice reforms, including the expungement of prior nonviolent federal cannabis-related convictions, reviews of sentences for those currently incarcerated for federal cannabis convictions, and the removal of cannabis from the Controlled Substances ACT [...]

Non-Michigan Residents and Adult-Use Cannabis Licensing Process

Non-Michigan Residents and the Adult-Use Cannabis Licensing Process New applicants who don't hold an active state operating license under the MMFLA can begin the MRTMA application process by submitting a Step 1 pre-qualification application for all available MRTMA license types. The pre-qualification process will include criminal background checks of all supplemental applicants, as they [...]

Examining the MRA’s Marketing and Advertising Restrictions

Licensed marijuana establishments in the State of Michigan are always seeking ways to increase their footprint in the budding cannabis industry. Whether it is to increase brand awareness, promote new products, or highlight the opening of a new location, marijuana establishments, like all other businesses, turn to and rely upon marketing and adverting to expand their [...]

Election 2020: Big Wins for Cannabis and Drug Reform

While the presidential election results are currently hanging in the air, clear victories emerged for both the cannabis industry and for drug reform.  Nationwide measures to legalize cannabis and decriminalize other drugs made significant steps forward, as five more states legalized marijuana in some form and Oregon passed a drug initiative regarding harder drugs. [...]

How to Prepare Your Cannabis Business for a BFS Inspection

Before operating as a cannabis business, you need to pass a BFS inspection. The Bureau of Fire Services (BFS) is an agency that conducts fire inspections, and provide fire prevention and training to the firefighters of Michigan. However, in 2016, BFS became involved in the cannabis business fire inspection. Below, we outlined exactly what you [...]

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