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Cannabis Business Consulting Firm and Legal Services
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The Cannabis Legal Group has experience in representing both large multi-state operators as well as small businesses.
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Cannabis Business Consulting Firm and Legal Services

If you’re interested in taking part in Michigan’s booming commercial marijuana market, speak with a cannabis consultant who’s an expert in the complexities of the state’s marijuana landscape. We’re perhaps the most respected and successful cannabis business consulting firm in the country and located in Michigan.

The Cannabis Legal Group provides complete marijuana business and compliance services necessary to get any marijuana-related business up and running as efficiently as possible.

Our lawyers are experts when it comes to all the rules, regulations, ordinances, and laws specific to Michigan.

This is one of the reasons we’re able to get you up, running and compliant in your timeframe.

Due to the strict regulation of marijuana in Michigan, it’s critical to operate any marijuana-related business strictly pursuant to applicable municipal and state law.

If these laws aren’t adhered to very strictly, a business and its operators can subject themselves to very harsh criminal penalties.

Need help getting started? Perhaps taking your business to the next level? Request a consultation now.

Marijuana Retail Sales and cannabis business consulting firm

Our team is also on top of cannabis compliance standards.

Michigan’s marijuana business regulations are complicated and detailed.

We know them inside and out and use our expertise to help companies acquire a state license.

This includes commercial cultivation, dispensaries, and marijuana-infused processing.

There isn’t a more successful cannabis business consulting firm; certainly in Michigan, and perhaps nationally.

Cannabis Legal Group Services

Need help getting started? Perhaps taking your business to the next level? Request a consultation now.

Our Attorneys Can Help You.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance is key to your business’ success in Michigan’s cannabis industry. We offer a wide range of specialized services related to state and local compliance, which are tailored to your company’s specific needs.cannabis business consulting

Municipal and State License Application Services

Before applying for a state license, you must acquire a municipal license for your business. That means that to operate a successful medical or adult-use cannabis business, you must complete both a winning municipal application and state application.cannabis business consulting

Corporate Governance Services

To get licensed, you must provide your business registration and corporate governance documents to the state and municipality you wish to operate in. Therefore, it’s vital to provide this information to avoid any unnecessary delays.cannabis business consulting firm

Real Estate

Finding property for your cannabis business is no easy or small task. That’s why we assist our clients with finding properties perfect for their operational and zoning needs.

The Cannabis Legal Group has been providing our clients professional and quality legal assistance in all aspects of representation for years.

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