Retail sales of marijuana in the United States is estimated to be between six and nine billion dollars in 2018. The commercial marijuana market in Michigan will be a significant contributor, with many moving into the industry with the help of cannabis consultants from other states. If you are interested in taking part in this industry, now is the time. The Cannabis Legal Group can provide complete marijuana business and compliance services necessary to get any marijuana-related business up and running as efficiently as possible. State and municipal laws are changing rapidly. The lawyers at the Cannabis Legal Group are experts of the new Michigan laws to help set up businesses that will be compliant now. Due to the strict regulation of marijuana in Michigan it is critically important to operate any marijuana-related business strictly pursuant to applicable municipal and state law. If these laws are not adhered to very strictly, a business and its operators can subject themselves to very harsh criminal penalties.

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Marijuana Retail Sales

The law firm is also on top of cannabusiness compliance standards. Any business wishing to be in operation and receive a state license will need to start now. Michigan’s marijuana business regulations will be complicated and detailed. We already know what to expect and we have the expertise to guide those seeking a state license as soon as possible. This includes commercial cultivation, dispensaries, and marijuana-infused processing.

The Cannabis Legal Group provides all the services necessary including the following:

  • Business Corporation Entity Consultation and Set-up
  • Operating and Shareholder Agreements
  • Federal Tax Employment Number Acquisition
  • Management Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Employee Training Programs and Handbooks
  • Licensee and Employee Background Checks
  • Municipal and State Marijuana Business License Applications
  • Michigan Department of Community Health Registration
  • Intellectual Property Registration
  • Vendor Referrals and Written Agreements
  • Professional and Financial Services – Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Professional Business Plans for Applications and to Attract Investors
  • All required compliance documents and standard operating procedures including:
    • Waste Disposal Plans
    • Security Plans
    • Inventory Management Plans
    • Cash Management Plans

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As a client of the Cannabis Legal Group you automatically become a member of our Client Referral Network. This means that you have immediate access to networking and referral opportunities among the firm’s other cannabis business clients who elect to be “in the Network.” Our clients are the industry’s best and brightest, and are forging the future of Michigan’s growing cannabis industry.

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Areas of Focus


Caregiver Cultivation Operations

Commercial cultivation operations must be very careful to operate within Michigan and municipal law. Non-compliant operations are subject to law enforcement raids, plant and asset seizure, and closure. Our Caregiver Compliance and Risk Management Program brings Caregivers into compliance with current law, which uniquely positions them to receive a commercial license in the future.

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Marijuana Provisioning Centers and Dispensaries

The State of Michigan will begin to license qualified applicants to operate Medical Marijuana Dispensaries other wise known as Provisioning Centers. Applications will be accepted beginning December of 2017 and the first licenses becoming available in early 2018. In order to qualify for a license the applicant must first obtain a license to operate in the city in which the dispensary will be located.

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Municipal Lobby and Educational Services

If you want a medical marijuana facilities license in a particular municipality you need to have a municipal license. However, what if your city doesn’t have that license? You have to convince them to enact an ordinance that will issue them. Our lawyers are experts at doing just that. We have collectively provided dozens of municipal presentations to numerous city council and planning commission meetings.

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Marijuana Licensing APplications

Municipal and State License Application Services

The Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act mandates the acquisition of a municipal license to operate a commercial facility before applying for the state license. In order to open a commercial medical marijuana cultivation center, processing center, dispensary or any combination of the three you must complete both a winning municipal application and state application.

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Medical Marijuana Certification Centers

Law enforcement, legislators and Michigan appellate court judges believe that physician certifications are the most abused part of the MMMA law. Those operating businesses offering medical marijuana certifications will be highly scrutinized to ensure a legitimate and bona fide patient physician relationship exists before a certification is authorized.

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Marijuana Safety Compliance Centers and Testing Laboratories

Marijuana testing laboratories must be ISO 17025 accredited and have very detailed policies and procedures in place to be operated within state law. They must also comply with city licensing regulations as well.

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Intellectual Property: Brand Development and Protection

Let us help you develop and protect your brand. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, companies are developing innovative products and services. New companies are emerging and existing brands are expanding to new markets.

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Cannabis Accounting and Tax Services

We provide cannabis companies with their day-to-day, monthly, quarterly, and yearly financials. Our services include full cycle bookkeeping, taxes, business consulting, cash management, and payroll services for the cannabis industry. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to do this yourself, we’d advise you to make sure you’re using a respected accountancy platform. To check, you could look for freshbooks vs quickbooks comparisons to help compare the features and functionality.

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Corporate Governance Services

To obtain a medical marijuana facility license, applicants must provide their business registration and corporate governance documents to the state and local municipality. At a minimum, it is important to provide this information in order to submit a complete application and avoid any unnecessary delays.

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