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How to Renew a Medical Marijuana Facility License

Michigan Medical Marijuana Facility License Renewal

Once your facility is up and running, it’s important to note that your entity’s medical marijuana state operating license is due for renewal one year after licensure approval. This article will help you learn how to renew a medical marijuana facility license

It’s critical to your facility’s success to keep track of renewal dates, renewal requirements, and compliance regulations. This is to ensure that your facility doesn’t violate any laws or regulations, which could lead to fines or even business closure.  

Need help learning how to renew a medical marijuana facility license? Request a free consultation now.

What is required for renewal?


The Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) requires that the following supporting documentation be provided to renew your facility license:

  • Latest Federal and State tax returns
  • Sales tax returns and proof of payments/receipts
  • Current insurance policy, bond, or security
  • Live scan forms for required spouses


You’ll be required to complete renewal attestations to attest to the Marijuana Regulatory Agency that your facility is in compliance with relevant rules and regulations regarding safety compliance, municipal ordinance requirements, and that the application and information provided to renew licenses is current, complete, and accurate. 

The required renewal attestations are as follows:

Attestation I: Confirmation of Section 205 Compliance

Attestation J: Confirmation of Section 408 Compliance 

Attestation K: Confirmation of MMFLA and Rule Compliance

Attestation L: Safety Compliance Facility Confirmation of Rule 47(9)(B) and Section 505(4)(g) | Compliance (if applicable)

Updates to Application

If there have been any changes since licensure in regards to ownership, disclosure information, or business plans, the appropriate amendments must be made and provided to the MRA alongside the renewal application. 

Where do I submit my renewal documentation?

State operating license renewal applications and all required documentation must be submitted online through the Accela Citizen Access (ACA) portal.

Before submitting the renewal application, it’s important to consult an experienced cannabis attorney and the Application Instruction Booklet. This is necessary to ensure that all renewal documents have been completed and provided to the agency in the required manner.

Need help learning how to renew a medical marijuana facility license? Request a free consultation now.

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