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Applying for an Adult-Use Cannabis Establishment License? Things to Know

adult use cannabis establishment license

Are you considering applying for an adult use cannabis establishment license? This article highlights many of the requirements for securing one. 

Do you need help applying for an adult use cannabis establishment license? Request a consultation now.

People under the age of 21 cannot volunteer or work for the marijuana establishment

According to Adult-Use Emergency Rule 56(2)(a), all licensed medical marijuana facilities must either be completely partitioned from a proposed adult-use establishment or not employ a person under the age of 21 if the facilities aren’t partitioned.

Fire safety inspections are required for all marijuana establishments

Adult-Use Emergency Rule 34(4) requires a marijuana establishment to obtain pre licensure approval from the Bureau of Fire Services (BFS).

The following marijuana facilities will also require a fire safety plan review: 

  • Grower
  • Processor
  • Microbusiness
  • Designated Consumption Establishment (DCE).

BFS has information on how to submit plans on their website after the MRA notifies the licensee when they can submit for a BFS Plan Review.

Following the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act 

Adult-Use Emergency Rule 30(3)(a) requires marijuana establishments to comply with the natural resources and environmental protection act, 1994 PA 451, MCL 324.101 to 324.90106. Additional environmental guidance is available here.

Social equity plans must be provided for adult-use establishment licenses

Applicants are required to provide a social equity plan that promotes and encourages participation in the marijuana industry by people from communities that have been disproportionately impacted by marijuana prohibition and enforcement and to positively impact those communities.

Visitors are barred from hazardous areas in the marijuana facility 

Adult-Use Emergency Rule 56(7) elaborates that visitors that are not employees or providing trade services are prohibited where hazardous materials are used, handled, or stored in the marihuana establishment.

Contact an experienced cannabis business attorney

These requirements may seem overwhelming to manage in an already heavily regulated industry.

However, compliance is one of the most important aspects to keeping your business afloat.

Our team of experienced cannabis business attorneys can ensure success in maintaining regulatory compliance.  

Do you need help applying for an adult use cannabis establishment license? Request a consultation now.

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