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Adult-Use Cannabis in Michigan and Real Estate

Since Michigan’s recreational/adult-use cannabis market officially launched in 2019, the adult-use industry has experienced rapid growth and sales, with product in high demand. This article covers the shifting adult-use cannabis market in Michigan, and how to find real estate for your marijuana business.

Do you need help navigating the adult-use cannabis market in Michigan and finding and securing real estate? Request a consultation now.

adult use cannabis real estate

Michigan’s Adult-Use Cannabis Market

The adult-use market in Michigan is clearly already substantial and appears to be increasing.

Cannabis is becoming more and more accepted with the anti-cannabis stigma gradually dissipating.

Additionally, some medical marijuana patients are appearing to be moving to the recreational market.

If you’re an entrepreneur interested in getting into the adult-use cannabis industry, now is the time to get on board.

You are though going to need to get a few things together before you can start off in this sector, namely, one being a grow area for your products.

You can do a real estate check (more on that below) and make sure that you have all the right security in place to protect what you are doing, such as alarms in multiple areas, otherwise, you’re not as protected and it could cause you multiple issues along the way.

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) continues to streamline their application process and requirements.

They’re working diligently to process applications and award licensing approvals.

However, one of the biggest hurdles for those trying to break into the adult-use industry is finding a location.

The Problem with Municipalities “Opting-Out”

At this time, there are still around 1,400 of Michigan’s municipalities not allowing adult-use cannabis sales.

Those who’ve been looking for property to no avail may be feeling discouraged, but even with the lack of participation from municipalities, there are still ways to find the best possible location for your business.

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How to Find Real Estate For Your Cannabis Business

Cannabis Legal Group has great relationships with many cannabis real estate brokers who can find potential commercial cannabis real estate for your business.

Lobbying and municipal research is also a service a cannabis attorney can provide you.

Working with an experienced cannabis attorney is essential in pinpointing the proper location for your business and connecting you to municipally permitted real estate.

With both the adult-use and real estate market simultaneously booming right now, there’s no better time to get started on your cannabis business licensing journey.

Do you need help navigating the adult-use cannabis market in Michigan and finding and securing real estate? Request a consultation now.

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