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How Do I Get Into the Michigan Cannabis Industry?

michigan cannabis industry and how do i start a michigan cannabis business

The Michigan cannabis industry is booming. One of the most common questions we get is, “how do I start a Michigan cannabis business” This article answers that question and more.

The legal marijuana industry is worth tens of billions of dollars annually in the United States.

It employs hundreds of thousands of people.

And the industry’s growth is even close to peaking.

With the cannabis industry booming and changing constantly, it may seem overwhelming and deterring if you’re thinking of breaking into the industry.

You might ask: is it too late to get into the legal cannabis industry?

The answer, resoundingly, is “no.”

Are you interested in getting into the Michigan cannabis industry? Do you need help with licensing, corporate legal services, or cannabis friendly real estate? Request a consultation now.

How do I get into the Michigan cannabis industry?

There are many reasons why it may be smart for you to join the cannabis industry.

Below are just a few of the many:


Entering a new industry causes disruption, which can then lead to innovation for future products.

Shaping the laws, rules, and future

In a new industry, things develop at a fast pace.

Because of this, there’s often no “right” answer in the industry.

The plus of this is that the boundaries are untested – this gives you the opportunity to explore unanswered questions/issues and pave your own way.

One of the few limitations you should consider is when customers ask questions about your product.

It’s important you answer truthfully, not just for the trust of your customers but to protect yourself from possible lawsuits as well.

Who knows? You could start new trends and standards for marijuana production in your local/statewide industry!


Not everyone will succeed, but entering now gives you a better chance of growing/succeeding.

Additionally, it also gives you a better chance for your exit strategy in the future for selling your marijuana business or getting acquired.

However, there’s more to the marijuana industry than just being pro-cannabis.

At the end of the day, it still takes a business-centered approach.

How do I start a Michigan cannabis business?

Here are some starter tips for starting your cannabis business:

1. Come up with a unique idea

With the industry booming right now, businesses with similar concepts are multiplying by what seems the second.

It’s important to position your company in a way where it fulfills an unmet need.

There are many sectors of the marijuana industry to go in besides dispensaries and grow operations.

Research each of them in detail and formulate your cannabis company from there.

Industrial hemp is another rapidly growing industry to look into, as well as CBD.

Corporate Structure for Cannabis Business

2. Understand your customers

As with any business, knowing who makes up your target customer base is crucial.

You should determine the right marketing mix to effectively reach your audience.

If you’re not sure how to find and target the right audience, a firm like ours can help you with your marketing strategy.

3. Know (and follow) the rules

No matter how great and innovative your business plan is, you’re going to get shut down if you don’t follow the rules set forth in state laws.

The rules and regulations surrounding the marijuana industry are incredibly complex and there are a lot of moving parts.

It’s recommended to hire an expert cannabis attorney to navigate the process and ensure your business’ validity.

4. Raise capital

As with any start-up, investment capital is vital to getting your business up and running.

Despite its legality in Michigan, some investors don’t want to put their money into the cannabis market since it’s still illegal according to United States’ federal law.

Since the SAFE Banking Act is still in the throes of Congress at the federal level, it’s best to find solid private investors.

Look to an investment firm or your attorney to connect you with the right investor(s) for your business.

Recreational marijuana applications now being accepted

It’s definitely not too late to get into the legal cannabis industry.

Here are just a few of Michigan’s adult-use license types.

These license types are ones that do not require a medical marijuana state operating license.

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) is enforcing a two-step application process consisting of a (1) Pre-qualification and (2) Establishment Licensing application.

Are you interested in getting into the Michigan cannabis industry? Do you need help with licensing, corporate legal services, or cannabis friendly real estate? Request a consultation now.

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